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Professional Coaching

What is Professional Coaching and what results can be expected?
Almost everyone has a personal picture of what coaching is all about. For me, Professional Coaching is all about releasing each personís potential and the inner driving forces to achieve the objectives of the organisation and/or personal objectives depending on the emphasis of the coaching.

Who needs a Professional Coach?
You might have, as most people, an inner dialogue where you are reflecting over a problem, an opportunity, your management skills, or are hesitating about a decision to make concerning your professional career, your private life or a combination of both. How do you find the direction achieve your true desire or how do you deal with the blockages which hinder you to achieve the objectives of the organisation / yourself or how to approach a given situation? Do you recognise yourself?

What happens during Professional Coaching?
To talk to a professional person about important issues is an energizing and uplifting experience by itself. The basis for the coaching process is to establish trust and intimacy with the client.

The first step is to discuss and define a very clear objective. An objective which is important to you and fully integrated with yourself. The result will be motivation and action as you have recruited yourself to your objective. This step is usually very delicate and rewarding and it has to be done with a lot of care. This is where a Professional Coach can be extremely vital and supportive.

The next step is to work with your action plan. You need to handle opportunities that exist as well to eliminate your inner and outer distractions. You will see a very quick progress once your objective is clear for your self.

How does Professional Coaching work?
The traditional method is a series of meetings, but meetings over the phone is getting more and more common. I as a Professional Coach am following clear Ethical Guidelines. Read more...

It does not cost anything to try!
The first meeting does not cost anything.
Contact me if you want to know more about Professional Coaching.

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