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Integration of Change Management Work


Vigor sees two dimensions to the integration of change work.

  • vertical integration – deep interaction between Top Management and co-workers
  • horizontal integration – deep interaction in the value chain across departmental borders VERTICAL INTEGRATION IS CHARACTERISED BY:
  • The values of the organisation being deeply understood and practiced.
  • The Business Plan being deeply thoroughly formulated by the top management team and anchored in the entire organisation.
  • The Top Management focusing on a few very well defined strategic challenges.
  • Forums existing for an open dialogue between the Management and the co-workers involving vision, values, strategies and goals.
  • All leaders interpreting and contributing to the strategic challenges by formulating “local goals and measurements”.
  • A clear working structure being established that enables the involvement and contribution of all employees to make involve all employees contributions.
  • A communication strategy that continuously informs everybody about how the company is devloping and performing.
  • All development initatives being coordinated in one integrated effort. These efforts can include “methods/tools” for change work including, for example – strategy formulation and deployment, quality management, process orientation, ISO, balanced score cards, Six Sigma, benchmarking, leader & team development, attitude surveys, communication etc.


  • The Top Management and entire organisation understanding the philosophy behind Process Management.
  • The operation continuously having a dialogue with the customer to understand the their needs.
  • The Top Management defining the value creating core processes of the operation.
  • Continuous work to assess, steer and develop the processes of the operation.
  • The operation having a well developed partnership with its suppliers.
  • The improvement of work processes becoming a way of life.
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