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Testimonials about the book ”To succeed with Process Management”

“The authors have provided an important contribution in a easily read manner of a very complex field. They have described a clear model to apply Process Management. They have also presented a number of good examples to learn from. It is also important that the authors have point out how the practical work in improvement teams are carried out to achieve sustainable change. I am convinced this bookprovides companies and governmental units a good approach to improve their processes. The authors have with this book contributed to a positive development of a quality culture in the Swedish society.”
Johnny Lindström, Ekonomie doktor
CEO, The Swedisk Institute for Quality – SIQ

”To say Volvo won the Swedish Quality Award ” thanks for this book is maybe to say a bit to much. But we have applied the Process Model principles outlined in the book over several years, not only in Sweden but internationally as well. It has had an significant impact on our results.”

Lennart Bohman
Quality Manager
Global Purchasing
Volvo Truck Corporation

”TO SUCCEED WITH PROCESS MANAGEMENT is a simplified, short, clear, inspiring and effective book about Process Management. And Process Management is the basis for succeesful development of the operations. I applaud the organisations that follow the advices and the model for implementation that is presented.”

Sven Jirby
The Business house FAKTA och deputy program leader for the Swedish Employer Association for contiouos improvements

”The book is particularly effective for organisations that demand change. Concrete tips and a clear action plan make the book an excellent guide to well functioning organisation."

Extract from a review in the magasin i Computer Sweden no 1 october 1998

”I am impressed how easy it to understood the book and how down to earth it is described. It provides many good and concrete examples how the Process Model works. And when you have read the first part of the book up to the Manual, which is done rather quickly, it feels you can start right away. Both Top Management and process teams can learn a lot from this book.”

Björn Nyström
Environmental Manager, Ericsson Mobile Communications

”The patient is the most important customer in medical care. To work with value chains from a customer perspecive demands quality thinking and focus on processes. The Process Model is providing a very good guide through the laborinths of steering processes.”

Ulla Stjernlöf
Divisional manager, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

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