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About Vigor Management AB

VIGOR offers consultant services, counseling, coaching and training in process orientation, strategic goals, operational development, anchoring and implementation of strategies which involve all employees.

VIGOR assists management teams in developing change strategies and to implement these strategies in the entire organisation.

VIGOR’s goal is to initiate a learning process, to develop internal competence and to enable organisations to deliver powerful and fast improvements in the operations and which are aligned with the prioritized business objectives.

VIGOR has deep knowledge in the culture and human dimension to change.

VIGOR works in networks of people and organisations with complimentary experience and expertise.

Behind VIGOR Management AB stands Björne Väggö.

To succeed with Change Management

Below you will find key issues which VIGOR deals with in different change processes:

  • How do we succeed with process orientation?
  • How do we anchor our strategy in the entire organisation?
  • How can we get a total strategic alignment involving all employees?
  • How can we establish desired attitudes and behaviours that help co-workers to willingly contribute to the desired business goals?
  • How do we create energy and deep understanding of our vision, strategies and objectives in the entire organisation?
  • How to secure a measurement system and follow-up process that drives business results?

We need competent answers of these questions in order to succeed in implementing a strategy or a change process.

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